KOTA Territory parents and students more leery about studying overseas

More than a quarter million college students study abroad each year.   But what happens when a natural disaster or war hits the country they’re temporarily living?

In the wake of the recent crisis in Japan and in the Middle East, some parents and students are a bit leery about study abroad programs.  Even so, the International Studies Program Coordinator at Black Hills State says he hasn’t experienced any decline in number of students interested.  He says it’s most important that students do their homework.

“There are different opportunities for students to research before they go, and so that way they are most current on what’s happening,” said Brian Moore.

And that’s just what BHSU student Danielle Hertel did.  She plans to teach education in Ireland and says fear is not getting in the way of her decision.

“I think if you wait for a perfect world than you’ll never get the opportunity to go and do anything,” said Danielle Hertel.

 BHSU administrators said they do have plans and procedures in place to assist students in the event of an emergency.


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