Oh Winter

Happy New Year!

It feels great to be back on the blog. It has been a challenge these last few months to find the energy or time to get behind the computer, especially since I write for a living. After a long day of work I find myself on the couch rather than on the computer. So what has been going on in my life? Well, I’m still cooking, baking and single parenting my spoiled furry baby– Bailey.

I’ve also ditched the hiking adventures you’ve all come to enjoy when I was living in South Dakota. It’s been 9-months since I have been calling West Virginia home, and I’m honestly still exploring and learning the area. I plan to venture out into the mountains and see the beauty of Appalachia first-hand once the weather warms up. The Northeast is gearing up for some bone-chilling temperatures this week, like the ones I loathed while living in the Mouth Rushmore State.

Who’s ready for the below zero temperatures? I know I’m not. I took Bailey out for a walk at Wine Cellar Park on Saturday to enjoy the 40 degree weather. It was our first hike of the New Year and will likely be our last for a while until it starts to heat up. This Caribbean girl is made for tropical weather.

After our mid-morning hike I came home and whipped up a large pot of five bean turkey chili. Yum! It got me through another cold night. chilli


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