My new life in West Virginia

photo 12Sorry for the hiatus! I’ve been on the move.

For the last week I’ve been calling Charleston, West Virginia home. In a few days I will begin work with my new television station. Now that I have made the trek from South Dakota, unpacked dozens of boxes and sat down to take a deep breath and blog, I can truly say I’m excited about my new career move. I have spent nearly 2 and a half years in Rapid City, SD reporting and bringing people the news , now it’s time I do the same  in the Mountain State.


Mom strolling downtown

West Virginia is definitely different from my hometown of New York and even my last home city.  I find that the accents of people are much more southern here, the people are very hospitable, and the shopping areas are plentiful. While I’m finding the breathtaking scenery of South Dakota hard to  replicate anywhere, the mountains, the Kanawha River and the 23 1/2 carat state capitol are beautiful.

I’ve covered a lot of base in my short time here; I even know a few back roads. I can already tell the local farmer’s market –Capitol Market– will be one of my favorite spots. That along with the Quarter G shopping area, which I’ve visited at least once a day thus far.

Capitol Market

Wine Cellar Park


10 responses to “My new life in West Virginia

  1. Taisha, I will miss your sweet smiling face and professional reporting! Your new stomping grounds look fun and you are closer to family which is important. Good luck in your new home.

  2. Good luck in this and all future endeavours. You are brave and strong and can face any challenge. The people of WV are truly blessed to have you.

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