SD Mountain lion harvest off to slow beginning

The mountain lion season is off to a slow start this year. But South Dakota Game Fish and Parks representatives say that doesn’t mean the harvest season still be a bust.

Only 33 of mountain lions have been caught during the first 42 days of the season. During the same period last year, 41 lions were killed and the quota then was only 70 lions.

Game Fish and Park Regional Director Mike Kintigh says this year’s quota was increased to 100 lions to help the organization get to its management goals faster. Kintigh says there’s still a month and a half left in the season and more than four thousand hunters with lion licenses. He says anything can happen.

“If we don’t meet the quota this year, will we adjust the harvest quota next year?” asked Kintigh.  “Probably. I don’t think it matters if we reach the quota or not, we will probably make adjustments to our quota next year.”

The mountain lion season ends when either 100 total lions or 70 female lions are captured. If neither happens, it will end on March 31st.




One response to “SD Mountain lion harvest off to slow beginning

  1. Why must they be killed? Is culling really necessary? Don’t seem to be much of them around to begin with. Aren’t there other options?
    btw: that post I asked you2look at a while back! Been sorted. The lecturer(German Author and journalist Martina Arnold) and I have since then established a wonderful relationship. Sorry to have bothered you with that. Cheers.

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