Former governor Rounds makes his case for U.S. Senate

Former governor Mike Rounds is making his case to fellow republicans as to why he should be South Dakota’s newest U.S. Senator.


Rounds plans to run for the seat currently filled by democratic U.S. senator Tim Johnson. Rounds told the Pennington County Republican Party Ambassadors on Wednesday that there are a lot of things in Washington, D.C., that need change and he’s the man to bring it about. The Republican candidate says he’s willing to work with democrats on transportation, energy and immigration, but he won’t compromise when it comes to constitutional rights.

Round says change in our country needs to start with fiscal responsibility and his eight year track record as governor proves he can balance a budget.

“When I started as governor compared to when I ended as Governor, we went through a recession, we were at war the entire time that I was Governor and we still ended up with more in our reserve accounts when we left office than when we started,” said Rounds.

Tonchi Weaver, a Republican who helped campaign and voted for Rounds when he ran for governor in 2003, says she’s not impressed with Rounds or his ability to balance the budget.

“He told us how much he reviles bureaucracy at the federal level but our state bureaucracy grew actually under his administration,” said Weaver. “That’s something he’s going to have to reconcile with during the time he’s running for U.S. Senate.”

Rounds announced his candidacy last November. His campaign has raised $269,000 since December.


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