High quality angus for sale at stock show


The Angus sale is a big part of the Black Hills Stock Show. It’s where cattle buyers and sellers get the opportunity to bring home some of the best cattle in the nation.

Sellers come to Rapid City’s Rushmore Plaza Civic Center to show off their superior animals while buyers have their pick of bloodlines. But with current market conditions, prices paid for cattle should be high this year. Auctioneers say they’re seeing the highest commercial market for feed cattle with bulls selling for $5,000 to $6,000 dollars a head. The calves have been bringing in anywhere from $850 to $12,000 a head.

Whether buyers are looking for bulls or heifers; or performance cattle or ones by weight, auctioneers say there’s something for everyone at the Angus show.

“We’re in Western South Dakota, certainly one of the best sports to raise cattle,” said auctioneer Lynn Weishaar. “I’m really proud, I’m one of the commercial auctioneers and we’re selling some of the best feeder cattle in the world.”

While potential buyer Sidney Brenner agrees with Weishaar about the quality of cattle, he’s a bit more selective with his purchases. “I haven’t seen anything that I like yet but the day’s not over just yet,” said Brenner, who’s looking for large cattle that can travel well.

Brenner and other potential buyers say the cattle crop looks excellent but they haven’t seen anything they’d like to purchase just yet. It could be more than just the physical appearance that’s causing them to be little skeptical, it could also be the price.


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