Nextel USA unveils cash less payment system

A well-known technology company partners with an area college in an effort to make Rapid City, SD a future cash less society.


Nexus USA has teamed up with the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology to test out the world’s first biometrics payment system. The wireless terminal, which was designed in Spain by Hascan Identity management, scans a person’s fingerprint and turns it into a series of numbers, which is used to make a payment.

You would no longer need to carry credit or debit cards or have to memorize a pin number. The Nexus Smart Pay program only requires you to validate your birth date.

Al Maas with Nextel USA says he hopes the pilot program will expand to other businesses in the near future. “It could be put in immediately,” said Maas. “Depends on who wants to accept it. It’s just like accepting a credit card machine. All you have to do is get signed up with it.”

Maas says you must be enrolled in the Smart Pay Program in order for a transaction to go through. So far 50 of the college’s students and faculty members have enrolled. Smart Pay is currently accepted on the campus at Java City and the Miner’s Shack snack bar.


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