Restaurant fire under investigation

It was a fairly new building with new construction, but all that was left of the Big Horn X-ing Restaurant in Hill City, SD Monday morning were charred pieces of infrastructure and furniture.

Hill City volunteer firefighters say the Highway 385 sports bar and restaurant went up in flames after 6:35p.m. Sunday. Within 10 minutes, Hill City Fire Chief Craig Comer said fire crews were on scene to extinguish the defensive fire, which was coming out of most of the building. Comer says the fire was put out within 2 hours but firefighters continued mop–up efforts throughout Monday morning.

“We’re doing mop–up because it is such a busy highway here,” said Chief Comer. “We are trying to keep the smoke down to a minimum so we don’t get a bunch of people causing an additional incident by you know trying to see what’s happening over here.”

The Deputy State Fire Marshal is expected to investigate the cause of the fire today. Results from that assessment could take 10 to 14 days.


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