Fireworks help start New Year off with a bang


Hundreds of people braved the cold as they gathered in downtown rapid city to watch the New Years Eve fireworks display.

The show of exploding fireworks —which were synced to music — began at 7:00 Monday night and ended 22 minutes later. The fireworks used were supposed to have been ignited on July 4 but were cancelled because a fire ban was in place. Some of the people who attended the show say they’re glad the New Years Eve show was able to go on and The City of Rapid City was able to put the pyrotechnics to use.

“It’s great that they found a use and there’s tons of people out here so it’s awesome,” said Zachary Knect, who attended the show.

“It’s fantastic,” echoed Drew Yeoman. “I’m glad we got it. We almost missed it. I think this is a fantastic environment.”

The fireworks were shot over the Executive Golf Course.



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