Nail polish rehab

They tried to make me go to rehab but I said ‘no, no, no.’

-Amy Winehouse

Hi. My name is Taisha and I’m a recovering nail polish addict. In February, I gathered the courage to share with you my problem: my addiction to nail lacquer. It was then that I vowed NOT to buy any new nail polish until I FINISHED the dozens of bottles I currently own. The truth is … I relapsed, twice!


My very first knockwurst – OPI


Little brown dress- Essie

I broke down and bought two bottles of nail polish because I just couldn’t resist the urge. It’s so hard going into a hair salon, nail shop, or even Target and not be tempted by a bottle of shiny OPI nail polish. I went from collecting at least one bottle from each collection to nothing at all.

I know what you’re thinking but at least I’m admitting to my shortfalls, and at least it’s only two bottles. Recovering from an addiction is about taking steps; I just so happened to take a few steps backwards but I’m back on track now.

Hopefully my wish list to Santa reaches the North Pole in time so I won’t have to break the rules again.  149700_566728676687623_1382744880_n

So listen up Santa, you can find the featured mini bottles of OPI’s 10 top-selling shades, at Ulta, Beauty Brands, JCPenny, Regis, or other authorized OPI retailer. Despite my nail polish shortfalls I’ve been a really good girl all year.


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