Gas prices on a steady decline

Gas prices in South Dakota are inching near the three dollar mark. The last time gas prices in the state fell below three bucks a gallon was in June of 2007, according to AAA South Dakota.

The average price for a gallon of gasoline is $3.29, 1.7 cents cheaper than a week ago, according to National gas prices have fallen 4.8 cents over the same time period averaging $3.34 a gallon.

Some Rapid City drivers say while they appreciate the savings, it’s been far too long since they’ve seen gas prices nearing three dollars.

“A couple of years ago I’m thinking,” said Kim Stafford who paid $2.95 a gallon. “Gas prices are just terrible but maybe we are getting something figured out.”

“I think it’s gonna go up,” said Julie Evans, who was happy to fill up her truck for less than $60. “Maybe it’s the government’s way of making us feel a little bit better about where the economy is going, so I think it’s just a tease.”

The cheapest gas spotted in Rapid City was $3.02 a gallon.



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