It’s starting to feel a lot like Winter


After the hottest summer on record, it’s taken us a while to cool down. The 50s and 60s have lingered into the month of December. But that’s all about to change with the new-found chill in the air.

It was a cloudy day across western South Dakota. Some areas of Rapid City even had a little snow Thursday morning. The chilly air, which is making its way down from Canada, is a far cry from the weather pattern we’ve had all fall. But some people in downtown Rapid City say we’ve been spoiled with warm weather for far too long and it’s time to break out the winter gloves.

“I don’t have a problem with it as long as it’s not below zero,” said Jodie Remington, who welcomes the cold. “Ready for snow, need the moisture.”

“Well I like the warm weather but I’ll take the cold,” said Greg Geiger, who seemed indifferent about the weather. “It works either way for me.”

Others said the atmosphere downtown makes it feel like the holidays while others say they need to see a few more snowflakes first. The last substantial amount of snow received was in February. Although it’s expected to snow Thursday night, Rapid City will only receive a dusting of snow.


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