Everyone looking for slice of $550 million Powerball pie

The odds are slim but the optimism is high.

“I’ve sold anywhere from a dollar ticket to $60 worth, $70 worth.” said Shilou McKelvey, a clerk at a Rapid City Loaf & Jug.

The chances of winning Wednesday’s $550 million Powerball jackpot is one in 175 million. Still, statisticians estimate you’re more likely to win the second largest drawing than being killed by a coconut or being hit by a meteor.

“It’s been very busy the last couple days actually,” said Katie Ducheneaux, a clerk at a Rapid City Big D. “A lot of new faces are buying lottery tickets, a lot of people that have never bought lottery tickets before are coming in to buy them.”

Should you win the lottery, be careful what you wish for. Financial experts say instead of dreaming about a new car, people should consider the burdens that might come with all that cash.

“Make it a team sport is step one,” said financial advisor Jeff Partridge. “By hiring a financial planner, a CPA and an attorney, that could help you make some sound financial decisions.”

Partridge says lottery winners should avoid making sudden lifestyle changes, be leery of the company they keep and pay of all debts. “Interest is the enemy of saving and investments,” said Partridge.” If you could pay your loans, credit card balances, debts of any sort, that would likely be any financial advisory team’s first advice.”

And should the odds be in your favor don’t forget to be generous after you’re done taking care of business.

Powerball tickets can be purchased at any lottery retailer until 9:00 P.M., Central Time.



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