Apps popular for Black Friday shopping deals

The sales, the rush, the adrenaline: a few things that make shopping on one of the busiest days of the year fun. But, technology — more specifically the use of phone apps –could make Black Friday shopping a little easier this year.

Let’s face it; many of us do it every Black Friday. We forget our holiday circulars or coupons at home. But now there’s an app for that. In fact, there are dozens of apps available to help you save this Black Friday.

Chris Binker loves to shop with his smart phone. He uses an app on his smartphone called Shopkick anytime leave leaves his house to shop. Each time he shops or walks into a store he accumulates points, which so far, have earned him and his wife $100 in gift cards.

“Right now, we are just collecting more points because we like to do a lot of traveling during the summer and free gas makes the trip a little bit easier,” said Binker.

According to a recent price grabber study, 32% of smartphone users say they plan to use shopping apps this holiday season and 42% say they will buy small and big ticket items with their phones.

Technology experts say they’re noticing that trend. “Clipping coupons is something that was in the past. Still a little bit these days but people are looking for an easier way and this is gonna make it easier for people to keep track of all those coupons and all those ads and all in one place and be able to adapt on the fly,” said Mike Leonardo, store manager at Verizon Wireless on Omaha Street.

“I don’t need a coupon,” said Binker. “I just show the cashier and they scan it and it takes the 10% off for me and I collect points while I do it.”

For Binker — who works two jobs — it’s not just the holiday savings that add up with each shopping experience. “It kind of allows us to be in and out and back home and being able to spend time with each other,” said the frequent shopper.

It also allows the Binkers to spend more time on the phone looking for new next big deal.

There are a number of apps consumers can download on their smartphones or tablets for free. But the Black Friday Survival Guide, the Find My Car, Shop Saavy and Discount and Tax calculator apps were among the most popular.



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