Sweet, sweet memories

For the last week I’ve been dying to bake something: a pie, cupcakes or cookies. Baking is my second love, journalism is obviously my first. Two years ago when I was living in New York and searching for my first news reporting job, I decided to start my own baking business. Cravins was small; my friends and friends of friends would purchase goods that I’d bake out of my mother’s kitchen.

Soft lemon cookies

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting

I’ve since missed those days. So last Sunday I grabbed my measuring cups, ingredients, and my hand mixer and whipped up some chocolate chip walnut cookies. Yum!

I will be doing it again next week. My nieces and nephews back in New York have put in their requests. Trust me, the labor for homemade treats come with sweet rewards.


4 responses to “Sweet, sweet memories

  1. Im placing my order…I would like red velvet cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies with walnuts! Thanks Bestie! Its safe to say that I miss Cravins!

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