Students challenged to fulfill Columbine victim’s legacy

It’s been 13 years since the Columbine High School massacre; yet, the memories of the 13 victims still live on. South Dakota students are finding inspiration from one of the victims, in hopes of spreading her message across the world.

Rachel Joy Scott was the first Columbine victim. Rachel believed that kindness and compassion toward others would one day change the world.

On Wednesday, Wall students pledged to take part in “Rachel’s challenge” by replacing bullying and violence with kindness and compassion. It’s a challenge Rachel deemed necessary 13 years ago, which is even more prevalent these days.

“I guess in some cases it could save a life you know, somebody might act out irrationally and harm themselves and others,” said Wall Senior Linni Sykora.

Students across the nation and world are also taking part in “Rachel’s Challenge.”

“We never know, and that’s one of the things we try to focus on is that we never know when our kindness or compassion is going to be there for somebody who really needs it,’ said Neil McIntyre, who works with the non-profit organization.

Organizer Neil McIntyre says “Rachel’s Challenge” is also about getting past our prejudices. But most importantly, it’s about creating a ripple change of positivity.


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