Rapid City landfill more like a business post Fish Garbage scandal

At the heart of the litigation: drivers that would pull up to the scale house, lie about the contents inside their trucks and pocket the difference. As a result, improvements were made to protect Rapid City and its taxpayers.

Call them checks and balances — new cameras installed in late 2009 to keep a watchful eye on what goes in and out of the landfill. Solid Waste Superintendent, Karl Merbach says in addition to the two cameras, audio from each transaction is recorded. There’s even a second person in the scale house to help monitor the loads.

Merbach says the multi-check system makes everyone at the operation more accountable.

“It really is nothing more than just good business practices,” said Merbach. “Anything that would be done in business to account for and keep people accountable to do the things we need to run as a business.”

Merbach says a Citizen Campus could be in place by next Fall. He says the new campus will act as a one- stop- shop for residential customers to dispose of their loads. An education center and green house to store compost are also in the works.


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