My Huetiful Hair Steamer

Girls with natural kinks and curls know how dry African-American texture hair can be at times. As a newly natural (6 weeks and counting) I was unsure how to add moisture back in to my low-porosity hair.

After watching countless videos on Youtube and reading reviews over the internet, I stumbled upon the Huetiful Hair & Facial Steamer. With a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee and free shipping, I couldn’t pass the offer up. Plus, my money was helping to support a black-owned business in my college town of Atlanta, GA.

The company claims its steamer does the following:

  • Restore moisture to your dry hair up to 5x better than the leading deep conditioner
  • Strengthen hair by replenishing moisture lost to keratin treatments, relaxers or heat straightening
  • Significantly reduce breakage and split ends caused by dry hair while improving manageability

In addition to the steamer, I was sent a facial attachment, headband, and facial clay mask. The headband and mask are usually sold separately.

I’ve had my steamer for five weeks now and can say I LOVE it.  I enjoy the fact that I can get salon treatments from the comfort of my home.  Bye, Bye salons!

I also love that the assembly is easy, I can add essential oils to steam treatments, and I no longer have to sit under a hair dryer or wear a plastic cap for hours.  In less than 20 minutes the conditioner penetrates my cuticle and I’m all done.  I’m not sure if the steamer is actually adding moisture to my hair 5 times better but I will say it’s much softer and less dry these days.

I use my steamer for my pre-shampoo and deep condition treatments once to twice a week. I also use it weekly for my at home facial with my clay mask.
I love how soft the Huetiful makes my face and hair feel. If you too are  experiencing dry hair, I recommend investing in a hair steamer.

Huetiful Hair Steamer

Under the Steamer

Bailey loves to steam too





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