Pig wrestling: getting down and dirty

Pig + wrestling are two words you would never expect to read in the same sentence with my name. But on Thursday I made pig wrestling history at the Central States Fair in Rapid City.

If you fast-forward the video to 4:11 you’ll see and even hear what I mean.

Yes, that was me squealing, not the pig. And yes, I abandoned the other members of my news team and tied to run off.  But that’s when the 200 pound pig flipped the script and started to chase ME in the mud. I panicked, fell and the pig ran off. Well played Mr. Pig, well-played!

My team gave up a pretty good fight but the greasy hog was just too heavy for us to lift and put in the bucket within 90 seconds allotted. Quite frankly, if we had 5 minutes we’d still lose because we couldn’t lift that darn pig; the thing was solid. Needless to say, we didn’t qualify for Friday’s finals and didn’t win the $1,000 for our charity.

I hear the announcer was re-telling the story about the New Yorker who ran away from the pig and got chased. I’m sure that story will be told at many pig wrestling competitions to come at the Central States Fair. The pig might have defeated me in the mud ring but I’ll be laughing when I pick up bacon at the grocery store and put it in the skillet. That’s right, I’m bringing home the bacon … nom, nom, nom!

The news team


The girls

The pig

The boys caught their pig


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