Bob Dylan in concert

My friend had won free VIP concert tickets to see Bob Dylan and his band in concert Friday night in Rapid City, SD. I must admit I’ve heard of Bob Dylan but couldn’t name a single song if you asked me. So the night before I took to YouTube to see if any of his songs sounded familiar. I had luck with one, Mr. Tambourine Man, which Bob Dylan didn’t even sing in concert. Bummer! So much for learning the song.

I also learned that Bob Dylan is a legend. He must be because half of his songs were inaudible — likely due to his old age — yet, people were hollering and hooting at his every word.  Although I didn’t know a single song I made the best of my experience.  I bopped along; clapped; cheered; laughed at people in the audience dancing, if that’s what you would call those moves; and took pictures despite the ushers urging us not to.

His band was amazing and he was great on the harmonica, but listening to ten songs of his deep, raspy voice was more than enough for me. Nevertheless, I’m glad I went and now I can finally say I’ve been to a Bob Dylan Concert. That’s one point for Bob Dylan and one for Jay-Z. Two concerts down and a number to go.


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