Can I have your autograph?

“Can I have your autograph?” was the question I was asked Friday after I just finished my liveshot at the Fair for the noon news.

“Are you serious?,” I asked him.

“Yes, I watch you on the news all the time,” he replied.

“Dude, you really don’t want to see my handwriting,” I ushered back.

“It’s okay,” he replied as he handed me a folded piece of loose-leaf paper and his pen.

So I put my chicken scratch to paper and handed it back to him.  He thanked me and walked away as my eyes bulged reading I-N-M-A-T-E on the back of his orange v-neck shirt.

Apparently I’m popular in the South Dakota prison system since the guy watches me on the news all the time. Who knew me signing my very first autograph would be so memorable?

I wonder what will become of my signature on paper and my finger prints on his pen. Hmmm…


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