Natural Journey: month one

Where has the time gone? It was just one month ago today I decided to call my hairdresser and tell her “I’m ready to do it, I’m chopping off my hair.”  It was only 4 weeks ago that I sat in her chair — the same chair where I received countless relaxers and hair extensions — and fought with her to cut my hair off.  “All of it!”

I’ve learned a lot about my hair in those 30 days. I’ve learned that maintaining natural hair would not be easy, that my hair was extremely dry and had low porosity. I discovered that although I chopped off my relaxed hair I would still have to deal with two textures: kinky and curly. I had no idea my hair had coils and silky spirals. I’m excited to see this texture sprout up and push that damaged, former relaxed hair out. I also notice that my edges are really thin from relaxer and weave damage. All I can do is take my vitamins, do a scalp massage and pray.

It took a few trials to learn that my hair needs moisture and that water was my friend. Water couldn’t come near me when I had relaxed hair!

So, I have been washing my hair with conditioner (co-wash) daily; pre-conditioning (pre-poo) shampooing and deep conditioning once a week; and using a protein treatment once a month. I also have learned a lot about sealing the moisture into my hair with oils or aloe vera gel. I have also invested in a Huetiful hair steamer to help the conditioner seep into my hair cuticle more. I’ll review the steamer in another post.

Dryness aside, I have no complaints. Even in its dry state my natural hair is much healthier than my relaxed hair ever was or could ever be. But we’ll never know because I’m not looking back!


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