Drought conditions affect the Central States Fair

Current drought conditions could take the fun out of the fair for some in the agriculture industry.

The cost of feeding livestock at the fair has gone up considerably this year, thanks in part to the drought.

The year has already been tough for producers. The dry conditions mean poor grazing and the hay crop only adds insult to injury.

Central States Fair General Manager, Ron Jeffries expects more producers to sell off their cattle to compensate for the lack of feed, similar to what happened a few years ago in Texas. So, the necessities are going to cost more at this year’s fair.

“We’re very fortunate to get a load of it out of Newell but the rest of it had to come from North Dakota and of course that adds an expense to truck it down here” said Jeffries. “So, they’re getting premium dollar for hay right now.”

Some competitors in Friday’s horse show say the rising price of hay is starting to chew away at their pocketbooks, but not enough to stop them from participating and attending the fair.


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