Buffalo Chip Zipline debuts at fair

There’s a fun new attraction at the Central States Fair but if you blink, you just might miss it.

Traveling at 30 miles an hour, it only takes 45 seconds to ride the 700 foot long Buffalo Chip Zipline.

Instead of walking through the fair, you can fly. And the ride doesn’t just make you the center of attraction, it makes for good entertainment.

“You’ll have a different view of the fair,” said Jason McCulley, owner of Amusing Concepts. “You’ll be flying over everyone’s heads. You’ll have a view of the concerts going on as you zip by and you can select which foods you want to eat as you fly down the food midway.”

Two people can ride the zipline at a time. The ride costs $15 before 6 p.m., and $20 after.




2 responses to “Buffalo Chip Zipline debuts at fair

    • It is! My news station wanted me to go on the zipline and film it for the news. Thank goodness the ride wasn’t fully assembled in time because the launch tower is 50 feet above ground and pretty scary.

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