Totally Random

I’m sitting here at home enjoying a glass of peach white wine. Totally Random.

As as I’m taking a sip I chuckle at how it came about that I brought his bottle of wine home. Two Friday’s ago I was hanging out with my friend at Horse Thief Lake in South Dakota. After my Twilight Zone moment of being chased off by a chipmunk, my friend and I decided to stop at the wineries on our way back into town for tastings. The Stoneface winery was nice but I didn’t find a bottle of wine I was ready to commit to. Not to mention I had been to Prairie Berry Winery a number of times. That’s what brought me to The Naked Winery and this Totally Random bottle of wine.

I have never been to the Naked Winery before and I’m not sure if I’ll go back any time soon. My wine experience started with foreplay and ended with a bootycall; not something I was expecting to experience with someone I barely knew. Totally Random!

For those who have never been, the Naked Winery has “sexy” names for its wines, such as Foreplay Chardonnay, Penetration Cabernet, Fling Gewurztraminer and Booty Call Blush. It also serves Goldfish crackers, white chocolate  chips and chocolate chips to cleanse the palette. Very sexy compared to the usual oyster crackers!

Let’s just say this trip to the winery was an awkward experience. I couldn’t stop giggling each time I was poured a new sample … “Miss, your Sugar Daddy Muscat (Moscato) is ready!” the woman would shout. After the second tasting I decided to just point instead of saying those erotic names out loud. Boy did it take a while to get through the six tastings.

At the end of the night, I took the Totally Random peach wine home. It was the only white wine that had a name I could comfortably say out loud and recommend to friends.

Totally Random. Cheers!

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