My mother said WHAT!?

My move to South Dakota almost didn’t happen two years ago when my mother suggested I not take my first reporting gig. I could understand where she was coming from; her “baby” was leaving New York and heading to the Midwest, a place she had never visited and knows no one. But, I wanted my mother to understand after being home for two-years post grad school –that’s economy!– and not doing what I was passionate about (writing) was not an option for me anymore.  So I packed up and moved to the Mount Rushmore State.

Fast forward to Wednesday … during our daily phone conversation, my mother told me she was on my blog. She then followed that sentence with “I’m proud of you!” and “your writing is so powerful; you have a gift.”  She also revealed that she saves all of my blog posts in her email queue until she reads them all.   My mother said WHAT!?

It’s not as if I didn’t know that my mother is proud of me, but HEARING her say it was enough to make me speechless. I told her I would record the conversation for future purposes but instead chose to blog about.  I can’t wait until she filters through her emails in a few weeks and finds this post.

So mom, if you’re reading, I want to thank YOU for your daily encouragement and support, even when you don’t always agree. But that’s what moms are for.

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