Sturgis Rally winds down until next year

They came, they conquered Sturgis and now they ride home.

After a week of riding, shopping and partying, bikers take their last glance of the rally city in their rear-view mirrors as the  72nd annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally officially ends Sunday.  Now, Sturgis will begin the transformation back to small town South Dakota.

Rally-goers say the streets of Sturgis had more people and more bikes this year.

“I’m not sure what’s drawing everybody in but it’s nice to see people from all over the states come in,” said Jenni Lubbers of Fargo, North Dakota.

According to preliminary traffic counts, the first six days of the rally saw  30, 473 more people compared to the same time last year. The city of Sturgis is also reporting a decrease in the number of vendors. Last year, the rally city issued 709 temporary vendor licenses; only 676 were given out this year.

“It’s hard to tell because we came in at the end of the rally but it seems to be busier than most years in the past,” Luggers said.

A week’s worth of fun that has come to an end, leaving some bikers revved up for more fun next year.

The release of official rally numbers is expected in the coming weeks.


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