Erratic driving during Sturgis Rally

Are motorcyclists too fast and too furious on the roads? Some say yes and that the inexperience of bikers on the road is leading them and others down a dangerous path.  This week 7 people have died in accidents, including 6 bikers.

Veteran bikers say the excitement around Sturgis Rally Week can be attractive to a lot of rookie motorcyclists. They say speed, unfamiliarity with the terrains of the Black Hills and trying to keep up with groups can cause dangers on the road.

Joe Reinart, who has been riding motorcycles for 25-years, says he sees such erratic behavior on the roads all too often. The most recent was Wednesday.

“Three bikers, 2 passed us and the other one he couldn’t get around and finally he went over a yellow line and up a hill and another driver had to pull off and get out the way for him,” Reinhart said.

Experts recommend bikers take motorcycle safety classes to help brush up on the rules of the road. The courses can be completed in 4-5 days and costs around $75.


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