I still hate doing laundry

I loathe doing laundry! It’s an easy process of wearing  clothes and throwing them in the laundry bag when soiled … but it’s a pain to sort, wash, dry and fold. By the way, who really knows how to fold fitted sheets anyway? Those are my nemesis.

I stumbled upon these new All mighty pacs on a recent trip to Target for laundry detergent. Surprisingly, I didn’t get distracted in Target this time and pick up random things I don’t need. That tends to happen quite frequently.

The mighty packs are super concentrated laundry detergent packets, similar to Tide’s pods. The product claims to dissolve completely in the washer when thrown in the machine and covered by clothes.  Twenty-four pacs for only $4.99 and I didn’t have to lug a heavy bottle of detergent was enough for me to give the product a try.

The Result
The pacs made doing laundry a little more tolerable. I didn’t have to measure the soap, — which can get messy at times — and I didn’t have to defy the label and add an additional cup of soap to ensure my clothes came out squeaky clean. Just one pac and I was done. There were no blue stains  from the detergent and my clothes looked and smelled clean.

Now if Downy comes out with a  fabric softener pac and dryers were made with a fold button, I could begin to love doing laundry, fitted sheets and all.

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