Gabby Douglas is not her hair!


While the world cheers on Gabby Douglas for being the first African-American Olympic all-around champion to win gold and for helping the U.S. gymnastic team win gold in London, many are criticizing the 16-year-old for what they consider unkempt hair.

It shouldn’t matter if her hair has clips, gel, locs, a weave, wig or even a big red bow; she’s not competing in a Bronner Brothers hair show our walking the runway at New York Fashion week. I think some people are completely missing the focus of the competition by paying attention to her appearance rather than her talents.

While those negative people are sitting behind their keyboards or mobile phones, Gabby is making history. Let’s all make history!

It’s time for people to stop tearing each other down because of their appearance, class, race, sexual orientation and so forth. Let’s show this 16-year-old and the rest of the world that is watching that we are UNITED and  stand fully behind our team.


6 responses to “Gabby Douglas is not her hair!

  1. Being that I am a gymnast and love the sport, I am so happy you posted this. Gabby faced the odds and progress past them. She is the best gymnast, period in the world at this time. Let us lift her up because she didn’t get the credit she deserved prior to winning this medal thank you taisha

    • You would think she would receive more credit about her talent but more people are fascinated by her hair. I’m sure when she crosses back over the pond to do tv and magazine interviews with her medals around her neck, she’ll have time to focus on her hair.

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