Say hello to my little friend …

After spending countless hours on youtube watching reviews I decided to purchase my first human hair full lace wig from RPGSHOW.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my new natural haircut but I also have to maintain a certain look when I’m anchoring or reporting the news; thus, I needed a wig.

I ordered the unit on Wednesday off the sales website – which is different from the regular website – and it was shipped off from China and delivered by UPS the following Monday. Talk about super fast and free shipping!

So I pulled the unit out of the box, which also came with a brush, wig cap, an instruction booklet and a card detailing the unit I purchased.

Can I tell you I absolutely LOVE this wig. It’s a so natural, the quality is similar to African American texture hair and that the unit doesn’t look like a wig at all; it looks more like a good sew-in weave. The cap construction is great and the wig has great ventilation which is great during these hot summer days.

My one dislike about the wig was that it had a lot of short stray hairs when I took it out of the box. So what I did was take a spray bottle with water and wet the stray hairs which disappeared immediately. Problem solved!

I would hands-down order from RPGSHOW again in the near future. The customer service was swift via email, which eased my concern about ordering from China. Plus, I love the versatility of this wig, high ponytails and all.

It’s a nice feeling to know I don’t have to put heat on my hair or alter it in anyway because I have a new protective style while my TWA grows.



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