Tropiclean products update

As promised, here’s my 30-day update on the Tropiclean Fresh Breath Made Easy products that I’ve been using on my yorkie Bailey. It’s actually been 38 days because I didn’t have a chance to write sooner, but who is actually counting?

I traded in his toothbrush and toothpaste for the Instant Fresh Foam, Oral Care Water Additive, Clean Teeth Gel and the Liquid Floss. I must say the products work well. His teeth are really white and clean, expect after a meal. I would definitely purchase the products once he runs out but a little bit goes a long way; I’m sure he’ll have at least another 3-4 month before I’d have to purchase more products.

I would highly recommend these products to doggie parents who are tired of fighting with your four-legged friend to maintain his or her teeth and oral hygiene.

If interested, you can order the products online or by heading to your local Petsmart.


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