Natural journey: The morning after



It’s the morning after I chopped my hair off and I am still content with my decision;  I slept like a baby. I woke to encouraging text messages, facebook posts and blog comments about people loving my new hair do. It’s amazing how different I look in the mirror without any hair. I can’t help but stop and stare at myself and smile at the person who is looking back at me, nor can I keep my hands out of my hair. I keep massaging it and running my hands through the new texture that’s sprouting out of my scalp.

Although I supported him through his first cut, I don’t think Bailey likes my hair.

Bailey’s 1st haircut

When I came home yesterday he just stared at me and I couldn’t help laugh at say “what, you don’t like my hair?” He’s a dog so he obviously couldn’t respond but I think it’s growing on him.

I know you’re probably curious about the negative aspects so I’ll cut right to the chase. Well, I spend most of my time now on natural hair blogs and on youtube watching vloggers talk about which products they use. I have a long list of products I want to try  based on their recommended but for now I will hold off and keep it simple. On the phone this morning, my mother reminded me most of the things I need for my hair I already have. Mayonnaise, eggs, honey and olive oil are great for conditioning while organic apple cider vinegar  and water work wonders for clarifying  hair. All I need now is a leave-in conditioner and a moisturizer.

The other drawback is my negative mentality. I was nervous about taking the pooch out for a walk with my new fro. I kept thinking about what complete strangers and what my neighbors would say. I almost reached for my staple hat and decided I’d look more ridiculous walking outside on a 90 degree day with a wool hat on. In the end I left the hat, picked up my pride and took Bailey out for a walk. On our walk this couple yelled out “HEY!” So I stopped and waited for them to say something about my hair. Instead, they asked if Bailey was a show dog because he walks with his chest out and has a bouncy walk. That just goes to show our minds can  be our worst enemies at times.



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