Senator Thune calls SD drought devastating

English: Official photograph of John Thune, U....

Farmers, ranchers and the state of South Dakota are suffering from historic dry conditions. But a U.S Senator says the devastation isn’t going unnoticed on Capitol Hill.

Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota says the State is in desperate need of precipitation with 36 counties experiencing extreme drought conditions and crops and hay grounds drying up.

Thune says he requested The Department of Agriculture release emergency Conservation and Reserve Program (CRP) acreage for hay and grazing.

Senator Thune says while he works with members of Congress to reauthorize the farm bill he hopes farmers will take advantage of crop insurance and other available programs.

“We want to find out which of these programs works the best, try to get some of these livestock assistance programs reauthorized in the farm bill,” said Thune. “Some of these programs expired at the end of last year but there are programs producers can access in addition to some of the safety net programs like crop insurance.”

The Senate passed its version of the farm bill last month. The House of Representatives is still deciding whether to bring the 2012 farm bill to a vote.

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