School of Mines looks to further expand with new buildings


The construction of new student apartments on a Rapid City campus is on schedule. The 6-floor Rocker Square housing complex at the School of Mines and Technology will open to students a week after construction wraps-up on August 15.

The school is also looking to break ground on a new project next summer, the Student Wellness Complex. The proposed $6-8 million facility will include a dance area, wall climbing area and concession stand. It will also include a basketball court, a wellness center and a fitness center.

Athletic Director Dick Kaiser says the proposed 85,000 square foot building is of great need.

“For our students, because we are a little bit land–locked and a lot of them don’t have vehicles on campus and they spend so much time at school this will be a great avenue for them to release some energy, get some exercise, get some fitness and wellness and contribute to overall lifestyle,’ Kaiser said.

Although it is 1 of 3 research centers in the state, Tech currently leases several research spaces off– campus. That’s why the school is planning to add a new $37,000 million research facility to help future growth.

Construction for that center could begin within the next 3-5 years; the school is still seeking funding.



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