Gross! My penmanship needs some work

Just take a look at it!

I’m not a doctor or a serial killer; therefore, there is no reason my writing should look this way.  As a journalist I have to meet deadlines, which partially involves transcribing my interviews and writing a story from all the information that I collect and research.  But in a haste my writing tends to look like the yellow notebook before you.

A majority of the time I can’t even read back what I write because the handwriting is so sloppy. If you are wondering what my cursive looks like, well, it’s 100 times worse!

Perhaps I should have taken third grade writing classes more seriously. But in this day and age most people no longer hand write letters or notes, they text or use email.

I guess I should be thankful I don’t have to write or sign my name often … for now at least.


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