Helping pets beat the extreme heat

The dog days of summer are definitely here. Chances are if the extreme heat is unbearable for you it’s likely it’s excruciating for your pet.

Veterinarians say water and ventilation are essential to keeping your dog cool this summer.

They suggest using ice packs to cool down your pooch and ice chips for their drinking water. And keeping their coats trimmed will better allow for air to flow through their furs.

Dr. Penny Dye with Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic in Rapid City says if you must take your dog out during the day have them walk on grass instead of the sidewalk.

“If your pet has to go outside during the heat of the day its best to hose your sidewalk down so it helps minimize the heat and the burning to the pads that can be burned as a result,” said Dr. Dye.

Dr. Dye says it’s never a good idea to leave your pet inside a car while you shop, even with the windows down. Instead, she suggests leaving your pet at home or with a neighbor.


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