TropiClean fresh breath made easy review

TropiClean fresh breath made easy sent me four products to review after stumbling upon a previous blog post I wrote about helping dogs fight bad breath and periodontal disease.

Could oral care really get easier for my yorkie Bailey? After all, he doesn’t like to take baths, brush his teeth, get groomed or do anything that involves hygiene and doesn’t involve food. I know, he’s a boy!

I was a bit skeptical that a no-brushing solution for my dog could exist. So, I decided to let Bailey test out the four products: Instant Fresh Foam, Oral Care Water Additive, Clean Teeth Gel and Liquid Floss. The foam is similar to a mouthwash for humans; the liquid floss and toy ball work to massage the gums; the gel removes plaque and tartar without brushing; and the water additive is pretty self-explanatory.

Bailey has been using the products simultaneously for the last 8-days. The instructions suggest giving the products 30 days to see results, so I will do an update on the 30th day. So far, I can say Bailey’s teeth are a bit cleaner. I mostly notice the difference in the evenings after I apply the Clean Teeth Gel.

The top of his teeth have a greenish/brownish tint to it during the day, which is probably attributed to his kibble and treats.

I love my dog but not his breath! I will say his breath is still a little smelly for my liking, even after using the products. Perhaps we should use the Instant Fresh Foam more often.

It’s still a bit soon to give these products a paws up or a paws down but I will say the Clean Teeth Gel appears to work the best. Stay tuned for an update!


2 responses to “TropiClean fresh breath made easy review

    • HAHA! He knows how to do a lot of tricks but for some reason he doesn’t know how to brush his teeth. I think those things called paws might have something to do with it.

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