Frozen treats for pets

The dog days of Summer are most definitely here! On Tuesday, the thermometer inched past 106 degrees in Rapid City, South Dakota. And of course,  my air conditioner chose not to work. Poor Bailey!

To keep him cool and his taste buds satisfied I made him frozen dog treats, which are the equivalent of popsicles for humans. You can purchase the Kong Easy Freeze kit at Petsmart, which comes with the ice tray and three flavor packets: White Cheddar, Chicken Soup and Sweet Potato & Maple.   So far, Bailey has tried all except the latter, which is cooling inside the freezer. Because I’m such an extreme pet mom, I also bought him the Juicy Apple flavor packets.

Here’s how you make the frozen treats:

  • Mix one packet with 8 ounces of warm water
  • Pour into the tray
  • Freeze
  • Remove treats and serve

The tray makes 14 treats, which are designed to fit inside of a Kong toy. Because Bailey’s Kong is so small, I usually just place the treat inside his doggie bowl.  I usually don’t give him more than 2 treats a day.

The frozen treats are a simple way I keep my furry friend cool during extremely warm temperatures. Bailey absolutely loves them  and runs to the kitchen every time I open the fridge or freezer door. If you don’t want to spend money, I found that regular ice inside a water bowl works just as well.


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