The Badlands

It was my second trip to The Badlands within months and the national park was just as breathtaking as the first time I laid eyes on it. The Badlands is quiet, desolate, eerie yet peaceful. What a wonderful place to explore and hike!

The moon-like landscape was called “Mako Sica” or “bad land,” when the Oglala Lakota first encountered the area. Early French trappers also called the area  “bad land” because it was difficult to travel over the rugged terrain.

The chiseled spires, deep canyons and jagged buttes of Badlands National Park was formed by millions of years of wind, water and erosion. Some parts of The Badlands was underwater, which is how some of the sedimentary rocks received its bright color. In addition to underwater creatures, the national park was also home to other land animals, which is evident by the fossils left behind. The presence of animals are still present to this day. So far I’ve seen big horn sheep, antelope and deer.


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