WWII B25 bomber in Rapid City for tour

It flew over Italy to bomb bridges in the 1940’s. And on Monday, I had an opportunity to sit inside a living piece of World War II history.

“Made in the Shade,” a B25 North American Mitchell Bomber was built in 1943 and started at an air force base in Corsica, Spain. The World War II aircraft did 15 missions in 1944 and now it’s on a new mission in Rapid City, SD: to educate the public.

The aircraft is stationed at a museum in Mesa, Arizona but is spreading its wings for a Midwest tour.

“People kind of see a little bit of history from WWII and learn a little bit more about the airplanes and see them in action and also get to participate in the rides,” said Pilot Rich Roberts.

“Maid in the Shade” will be at Rapid City Regional Airport for 4-days. It costs $5 to sneak a peak inside the cockpit, $395 to ride in the back of the plane and $650 to ride in the nose. Monies collected are used to maintain the aircraft.

To reserve a tour or visit the bomber, call 480-322-5503.


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