Some Canyon Lake Drive businesses profit despite road detours

The Canyon Lake construction project has been delayed yet again, this time due to damage from recent hail storms. The project is on its last leg, a detour, after starting last March. The detour, which began two weeks ago, is scheduled to wrap-up around July first but that could change due to hail storm damage.

Although some business owners on Canyon Lake Drive are frustrated with the detour and being in a cone zone for more than a year, others say the construction has been beneficial to their businesses.

“I’m about 12% up from last year in the pizza business that’s good considering the food prices and the beef prices right now,” said Piesano Pacchia owner Peggy Livermont.

“It hasn’t affected us too much because we’ve been open for 10 years and we have a steady clientele,” said Shampooch groomer, Jackie Smith.

There is no world on how much longer the detours will be in place. We’ve placed several calls to R.C.S Construction but none of our calls have been returned.


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