Creatures of nature

Oh the irony! Life has a funny way of presenting itself sometimes.

I was just ruminating about a book report I had to type (yes, with an actual typewriter) in junior high school. I remember spending countless hours at my aunt’s house sitting in front of her typewriter with an encyclopedia (no, I did not mean wikipedia,) thinking  about how I would fill the required pages  about American Buffaloes. During my search I recall reading about the abundance of the Bison, particularly in South Dakota.

Lo and behold, this native New Yorker is living in South Dakota where the buffalo roam. Although I don’t remember what grade I received on my report, I bet if I had a second chance I’d score higher.  I’d probably get an “A” just for the pictures I took this past weekend at Custer State Park.

Bison at Custer State Park

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