How to improve a pet’s poor dental hygiene

We all love our pets but if only we could say the same about their breaths.

Veterinarians say poor dental hygiene is a huge problem among pets. It’s one that can be easily avoidable with daily brushing, a good diet and treats.

But veterinarians warn giving your pet too many dental treats will spoil their diets. Not to mention they won’t get rid of dental disease as good as old–fashioned brushing.

“Ideally, teeth brushing is done daily because pets develop plaque as quickly as we do,” said Dr. Penny Dye of Dakota Hills Veterinarian Clinic. “So in 24 hours they have the same amount of plaque as we would have. In 3 days that plaque actually becomes tartar.”

Dr. Dye says tartar can’t be brushed off a pet’s teeth. So she suggests having pets undergo an annual exam to ensure their teeth are in tip–top shape.


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