Juicing:drinking to your health

Juicing has been around for decades. Some might remember barrel–shaped presses, hand–operated grinders and even inverted cones. And with the popularity of movies such as Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, juicing has regained its popularity.

Dietitian Michelle Lecher says juicing gives you a condensed amount of nutrition. “It helps with detoxification,” Lecher said.

For Vikki French it helped her with weight loss. “Oh, I hopped on the scale last summer and I saw a number that I’ve never seen before and it really scared me,” French said.

The number 35.7 is scaring dietitians.  According to the Center for Disease Control, that’s the percentage of Americans that were deemed obese in 2010. Although overweight, many Americans are still starving for nutrition.

“So we might be the heaviest nation but our bodies aren’t getting the nutrients,” said French.

When juicing, nutritionists suggest using brightly colored fruits and vegetables because they’ are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, by–active compounds and things that just energize your body. They also suggest buying organic produce to avoid pesticides.

Nancy Cragun says since she started juicing in February she’s felt stronger, more confident and more alive. But it does take the body a few days to work out the kinks and get adjusted.

“You kind of get sweaty, fatigued irritable,” Lecher said. “Those are actually symptoms of detoxification.”

And once your body gets used to the new mix, Cragun says you just have to train your taste buds.

“I am kind of safe with my recipes but my friend has done onions and she said it was tough getting it down,” said Cragun.

The Black Hills Health and Education Center is opening up a juice bar in Keystone May 28. Six Days Café will feature smoothies, organic vegetable juices, a salad bar, along with soup and sandwiches.

For more information on Six Days Café contact Michelle Lecher at (605) 255-4101.


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