Man recovers after receiving mom’s kidney

Kelly Cowherd, a production assistant at KOTA Territory News, was in desperate need of a kidney until his mother stepped–up as his donor.  Kelly and his mother Jean had the surgery done April 18, at the Avera Transplant Institute in Sioux Falls and are doing well.

Jean says doctors told her the surgery went excellent and that as soon as the kidney was cleaned and transplanted, it began to work immediately. She says her health has not changed. And if she had another kidney to give she would.

“I’m amazed!”Jean said. “I thought I’d feel like an empty spot or something. I don’t feel anything different.”

“I feel a lot better than I did before,” said Kelly “Like mom says she doesn’t have any bad parts.”

Kelly went in for his final check–up last week. And while he does have to go in for weekly tests, he says that beats going to dialysis.

Both he and his mother are restricted from driving and lifting heavy items for about 6 weeks. But he is expected to return to work Monday.


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