1972 flood exhibit opens at Journey Museum

The 1972 Flood remains one of the deadliest floods in U.S. history.

The exhibit, “Megafloods: The 1972 Awakening,” went on display Sunday at The Journey Museum in Rapid City to help those who lived through the flood reflect, and those who weren’t there, to remember.

For some, the exhibit’s photographs and videos show them just how devastating the flood was but for others, the exhibit brings back nearly 40–years of memories.

Survivors Faye Sorenson and Joanne Keck of Rapid City say it’s emotional to relive the experience again but it was important for them to see the exhibit that honors the 238 who won’t have the opportunity.

“You just want to see and remember the people that you lost,” said Sorenson. “I think it’s to have a memory of them.”

“You never forget something like this you let it fade into the background but when something like this comes up you just want to see what you went through again,” Keck said.

While many of the survivors will never forget June 9, 1972, they hope others will use this exhibit to see what they remember.

The exhibit will be on display in the Adelstein Gallery at The Journey Museum until August, 10. Admission is free.


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