Rapid City artist honored over a cup of tea

Tea time was all about fancy china, cucumber sandwiches and dressy hats. But Sunday’s royal event was about honoring a local artist.

Black Hills Workshop student Shawn Stratton was named Artist of the Year at the Suzie Cappa Art Center in Rapid City.

Each year, an artist is honored at “Suzie’s Royal Tea” for the positive affect the person makes on the center.

Brad Winter, Director of the Suzie Cappa Art Center, says Stratton was chosen because he’s a dedicated, fearless painter who’s not afraid to take on a blank canvas.

“He’s an amazing abstract painter with acrylic and he loves to paint,” said Winter. “He comes in the mornings at 8 o’clock and start painting and will want to paint the whole day until 4:00 p.m. and you have to tell him it’s time and he has to stop painting. He just loves it.”

Stratton also has a love for music. He was presented with an engraved guitar, in addition to a plaque.


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