Dinosaur Hill dino to receive facelift

Some have feared his extinction but the Apatosaurus at Rapid City‘s Dinosaur Park will soon undergo a facelift.

The dinosaur has seen better days: old–age and weather have taken their toll. Most of the dinosaur’s head is gone, he’s missing an eye and a jaw, not to mention the cracks and the big hole on the top of his head.

So, the City has chosen contractor David Jasper to make repairs, sand–blast the structure and repaint the dinosaur to its original color.

“It’s in bad shape but certainly repairable,” said Jasper, who owns DJ Painting and Universal Crystal & Art Restoration. “It’s not so bad that it would have to be completely destroyed or built a new one. It’s repairable.”

The project will begin May 7, and is expected to wrap-up within two weeks.

5 responses to “Dinosaur Hill dino to receive facelift

  1. It’s great that things like this are being saved! I always wanted to see a dino park when I was a kid. I didn’t find one, but it’s good to know that they’re still out there so I can take my boys.

    • This was actually my first time visiting a dino park. It was pretty cool. You should visit Rapid City, SD so you can see it, then Mt. Rushmore. Thanks for reading!

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