New data map shows wealth concentrated areas

A Black Hills organization has released a new data map which shows where wealth is concentrated in South Dakota regions. More specifically, the map also shows us in which communities have the highest and lowest average household incomes.

“It allows people to look at their neighborhood and part of their community and look at how people are doing in terms of how much money they bring home,” said Eric Abrahamson, Director of the Black Hills Knowledge Network.

Similar to Google’s mapping tool, it allows people to zoom in and out on particular areas.

The biggest trend the map shows: cities and towns have lower average income while the surrounding rural communities have a higher average.

“The pockets of low income are where the cities are so the town of Hot Springs, the incomes are lower than the rural community,” Abrahamson said.

But no where are the incomes higher than in certain suburban communities of the Black Hills. The Red Rock and Carriage Hills area has the highest median household income of any census tracked in the Black Hills.

And now that this data map is out there, Abrahamson says he hopes people will take advantage of it when trying to find a new home.


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